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Lycii (Goji) Berry

DRIED GOJI BERRIES  Co-op Whole Dried Goji Berries (Botanical name: Lycium barbarum) are a deliciously sweet snack that can be added to smoothies and smoothie bowls, soups, trail mix and more!
A DELICIOUS BOOST - Imagine something between a cranberry, a cherry, and a tomato - that’s what goji berries taste like! They’re sweet and slightly fruity, and they taste so great you’ll forget they’re good for you, too.
HISTORICALLY DELICIOUS - Goji berries have long been used in Chinese cooking as a unique flavor enhancer. These dried berries offer added versatility.
IMPORTED AND CULTIVATED - Our goji berries are grown and processed in China. Although commonly referred to as “matrimony vine”, the goji plant is actually a shrub with high-reaching branches - typically as tall as ten feet!

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