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Ceramic Mug & Tea Set

Tea is a guilt-free indulgence-healthier than sugary soda, cake, and
cookies, it'll perk you up and make Wednesday feel like Fridays. We use
only the highest quality loose teas, herbs and botanicals so that you taste
buds get the punch per sip.

1 x 16 oz Teacup (400 ml)
1 x Teacup Lid
1 x Micro-Perforated
Stainless Steel Infuser
1 x Gift Box

3 x 1 oz Sample Teas

Candy Cane Dream

Ingredients: White Tea, Peppermint
Leaf, Sugar Candy Sprinkles,
Peppermint Bark, Orange Peel,
Tangerine Flavor.

Hibiscus Mint

Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Peppermint, Spearmint.

Black Beauty

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