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Black Cohosh Root

Black cohosh is a flowering plant. It grows in parts of the United States and Canada.

The perennial produces white flowers from June to September, but it gets its name from its black roots. The roots are believed to have healing properties.

The black cohosh root has a long history of being used to treat medical conditions. Native Americans used black cohosh in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • kidney issues
  • malaria
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • joint inflammation
  • sore throat
  • helping with labor
  • menstrual cramps
  • menopause

Early American colonists used black cohosh to treat snake bites, uterus issues, nervous disorders, and more. Black cohosh was also an ingredient in Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, an herbal menstrual cramp remedy popular in the early 1900s.

Today, black cohosh is mainly used to help treat symptoms associated with menopause. Read on to learn more about how it’s used and the potential side effects.

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