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White Sage Smudge Stick

White Sage Bundle Pure Leaf Smoky Purification Smudge Stick Home Air Fresheners Incense Burning For Healing Yoga Meditation

1、WHITE SAGE BUNDLES: For hundreds of years, white sage has been burned all around the world for sacred ceremonies. White sage is said to have healing benefits such as cleansing, purifying and protecting the user. White sage is used in ancient ceremonies to banish negative energies and offer protection, blessings, and cleansing to anyone and anything that the smoke touches. Each bundle is approximately 4 inches long.
2、SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: Our California white sage is wild harvested and sustainably sourced. We wrap our sage wands using ancient wrapping techniques our tightly wrapped sage wands are guaranteed to burn long and slow.
3、WIDEUSES: White ceremonial sage has a beautifully natural scent when burned. Use our sage wands for aromatherapy before meditation. The scent from the burning sage will cleanse your negative energies and you will feel a spiritual connection within your body. The smoke from the sage changes the ionic composition of the air. This will soothe your stress and improve your mental focus.
4、HOW TO USE: Hold the sage bundle at a 45-degree angle and ignite. Let it burn for a few seconds before lightly blowing the flame out. Waft the smoke around your home to clear surrounding energies and invite peace and positivity into the space. When finished, place the sage bundle in a bowl with the ignited tip down. It will put itself out. to lengthen burn time, blow on the embers.



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