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TongKat Ali Capsules for men

Tongkat Ali" 30 capsules, 300mg each, 1:200 EXTRACT Powder

This is the strongest "Tongkat Ali" Extract available to date - 200 parts Extracted into 1 part for a more potent (stronger) product.

Absolutely nothing else has been added to this product. It is 100% "Tongkat Ali" root Extract ONLY - No other additives of any kind.

Tongkat Ali, also known as "Eurycoma Longifolia

Jack", "Long Jack" and in Indonesia "Pasak Bumi" is well known for its role in men's health in the areas of sexual vitality, strength and endurance.*

Note: This is an Herbal Dietary Supplement. Due to FDA restrictions, no health claims can be made about Dietary Supplements.

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