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Mutha-Nature Tea

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Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
( Menorrhagia )
According to the doctors at the Women to Women’s Healthcare Center, heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) occurs when a woman soaks a pad or a tampon every hour for several hours. Bleeding also occurs for more than a week and a half each month. Heavy menstrual bleeding may be caused by a hormonal and/or nutritional imbalance resulting from diet, lifestyle or stress. A balanced diet, a daily exercise routine and a variety of herbal remedies can effectively treat heavy bleeding.

Mutha-Nature is an herbal blend crafted to help relieve heavy bleeding.

The recommendation is to drink three cups of some herbal Mutha-Nature – Tea on a daily basis one week before and after the menstrual period to help deal with excessive flows.


** Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs are provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy, but none is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of herbs have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs. **

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