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Energy Herbal Tea/ in Separate Bag

Energy herbal tea is an invigorating blend of natural herbs that boosts both mental and physical energy. In a cafe, to the surprise and enjoyment of the customer, whether he is knowledgeable or not. In the hotel, at breakfast, in the spa, in the bar, in the restau At the restaurant, we know that some of our customers have a Michelin star

Α. The name ''Energy'' tells the truth about the action of our mixture of herbs. Read our herbs * no food supplements

Β. Our herbal mixtures are organic, free from dyes, additives, artificial flavors, caffeine, gluten, and sugar. T bag is biodegradable,

C. Because of their patent, they are handmade.

D. Because of their nature, naturally caffeine free, E. because of their true herbal stem a real experience for your clients. for action and taste/ HOT or COLD/ no need of sugar / The aroma from Rosemary dominates.

Our herbs: Sideritis scardica, Oreganum Gigko Biloba, Rosmarinus officinalis, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ganoderma lucidum, Elletaria cardamomum
Made in Greece

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