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Artichoke Bliss Tea

  • You can drink this tea whether it is hot or cold.
  • Artichoke Tea is beneficial for skin the nutrients of the drink/extracts are great for anti-ageing and skin luminosity.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  1. It also promotes blood circulation throughout the body for improving and remarkable young look.
  • Reduces the cholesterol
  1. Artichoke also reduces the cholesterol in the blood, thus by promoting a healthy liver, which in turn is leading to the healthy and nourished skin as liver eliminates toxins from body.
  • Rich in vitamin C
  1. It is a good source of Vitamins C along with calcium and phosphorus. All these vitamins and minerals replenish the damaged, dry, dull and lifeless hair by improving the quality.
  • Helps damaged hair and helps to remove dandruff
  1. You could strain the liquid and then apply for massaging your scalp. You can leave it for an overnight and wash with warm water along with mild shampoo in morning. Its liquid helps in repairing the damaged hair, and forming a protective layer over the hair shaft, restoring minerals to dull hair and cleaning up the scalp from the dandruff.
  • Helpful in Alcohol hangover


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