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Tea Infusers

Heart Shaped Tea Infuser

The perfect accessory for all tea lovers! This stainless steel heart shaped tea infuser will help you measure the perfect amount of tea for every cup.  Just squeeze the heart open, fill it with tea and let sit in your cup till brewing is finished.

  • Tea can be very heart warming - especially if it's brewed with a heart-shaped infuser! This lovely rose gold number does double-duty as a stir stick.
  • Tea Infuser works with all loose leaf teas and is also great for herbs and spices.
  • Keeping the tea leaves in the filter, and put into the hot water in a few minutes.
  • Tea Filters, Unique spoon design, Hold tea spoon closed and fine holes for straining tea.
  • Material: Stainless steel, Perfect for drinking the tea.


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