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Health Benefits of CBD

March 13, 2019 0 Comments

Health Benefits of CBD - Swaye Tea

Health Benefits of HEMP derived (CBD)
If you’re interested in the benefits of CBD, you need to understand how CBD interacts and benefits the body with to start. To start, CBD is one of the most highly concentrated cannabinoids found in marijuana (next to THC). It is largely preferred over THC, as it contains similar health benefits, but without the psychoactive components (so you can take CBD and not feel “high”, no matter what the dose).
There are three main health benefits that CBD is largely known and used for: stress/anxiety, inflammation/pain and sleep.
Stress and Anxiety
One of the main reasons people use CBD is to relieve their stress and anxiety. Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce anxiety in patients with social anxiety disorder. Researchers have also pointed to its effectiveness in reducing symptoms related to panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Inflammation and Pain
Another reason people love CBD is for its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found CBD effective in treating individuals with fibromyalgia (2), and rat models involving arthritis (3). It has also been demonstrated to inhibit inflammatory and neuropathic pain (4). While more study in humans is needed, there is much evidence pointing to the fact that CBD works for pain.
Another way CBD benefits the body is by encouraging a deeper and more restful sleep. It has proven quite beneficial for those who have a hard time sleeping. A recent study found that CBD significantly reduced insomnia symptoms, and did so more effectively than another popular cannabinoid, THC (5). Other studies have also confirmed that CBD does not disrupt our sleep-wake cycles (6), making it a favorable means of getting a little more shut-eye.